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Family Targeted

The family Rosary is the one prime arm
To shield the family from unwanted harm.

As the world turns its back more and more on God, so He gently withdraws for the moment – He will come back in force, wait for it! – but in the meantime there is steadily disappearing with Him His divine protection upon His own seedbed for human beings, the family. Gravest of all is the abandoning of the family by the Catholic churchmen, leaving it wide open to attack from all sides by Satan. Most hurtful must be when the attack comes from within, by beloved family members. Here below is such a case, and it has to be typical of many today. The family father writes:—

With my wife we had ten children, three of whom are now adults, and we had gone through some difficult times and a few tragedies, but now she has declared war on me. About 18 months ago, fully supported by her Novus Ordo priest and powerful friends, she undertook legal maneuvers to get me out of the home, and away from the children. It was all unbelievable, and terribly painful. That the persecution was essentially religious was confirmed when she offered to let me stay at home as a separated man, living in the basement, if only I signed a legal agreement relinquishing any religious rights over the education and formation of my children, and precluding us all from going to any Traditional chapel and/or from communicating with any so-called Traditionalists. Of course, I could not sign that, and her group went on to totally roll over me and the kids with legal tricks . . . and I lost everything: wife, home, children, money, car, health insurance, and almost entirely my business. As my children were strong in the faith, and would not yield to Mom’s bizarre and wrong behaviour and preferred to be with Dad, then she got a team of “therapists” to “wash out” their brains, and get them to be “normal” again, and she got them into Novus Ordo schools and forced them to attend the Novus Ordo Mass with her.

It’s been well over a year since I last saw my little children. The youngest is now almost 3 years old, and the rest of the younger children are 18–24 months apart, up to 16. I have no way to find out what’s going on with them, and whether they are keeping the faith, because they aren’t allowed to see or hear anybody other than Novus Ordo liberals. The three older ones, adults now, have been able to communicate with me and to remain as close as they can. The oldest one, who was already in a seminary and had finished philosophy, got out, perhaps due to the shock caused by the family break-up, but he keeps his faith intact, attends Mass almost daily, and works well in the world. Sadly, #2 swallowed the poison that college is the only way to make a living in the future. The third one is now debating the idea of going to college, but has not lost sight of God’s Will.

I can see that God has a plan, and that my own faults and flaws have played their part in the break-up. Years ago a Traditional priest told me that we had such a Catholic family that the devil surely hated us. This is surely a furious attack from Satan to destroy the faith of my children, and to lead me to despair, but my faith is still strong, and I hope that through this ordeal some, many, or all of us will be saved. Still, there is more pain than joy in my heart. We used to be a good example for other families, but now we are objects of pity and derision . . . and I’m being blamed for being “fanatic,” mentally-ill, inflexible, and so forth. Had I not known many souls committed to the true faith, explaining and denouncing the current evils in Church and world, I would have agreed with my wife and her entourage, and I would have gone along with the easy, comfortable, secular way of life. But I do remain weak, and so sometimes I do wonder if Tradition isn’t all insanity – how can such a small remnant of Catholics be right? Yet, there were only 12 Apostles in the beginning, and one of them was a traitor.

Such a reaction from a mother of ten is not normal, but today what is normal? So how can a father defend his family against such a reaction? Prevention is better than cure, says the proverb. Whoever it is in the family that Satan is targeting, the family Rosary every day must be the first line of defence. Beyond that, “What can’t be cured, must be endured,” as this Catholic father realizes. We must trust God.

Kyrie eleison.

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