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White Racism? – II

The white race must return to God, or die.
He is neither out of date, nor “pie in the sky”!

Following on these “Comments” of last week, one reader remarked that the title should rather have been “Anti-white racism.” Of course he is right in the sense that the antagonism is going today much more from non-whites towards whites than from whites towards non-whites, but what matters for all of us is to allay the antagonism, going in whatever racial direction, by understanding what is behind it. Ultimately it is the liberals presently running the world who want to kick Almighty God out of His Creation so that they can take His place. As good “liberals,” they want above all liberty from God. What use is freedom from anything or anybody else, if they are not free from God and His Ten Commandments?

Now when God took flesh, the religion which His Son instituted spread Christendom worldwide, where in St Paul’s words, as many as are baptised into Christ have put on Christ, so that “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Gal. III, 27–29; Col. III, 11). This doctrine means that where Christianity prevails, antagonisms such as “anti-semitism,” “racism” and “feminism” all tend to be dissolved, because they are all drowned in baptism in Christ. But what if men reject Christ? Will not all antagonisms between Jew and non-Jew, between non-white and white, between male and female, re-surface?

They will, and they will be worse after Christendom than they were before, because Christianity gave men to know God as they had not known Him before, and also to know the absolute equality of all men before God, an equality belonging to eternity, which dwarfs the multiple inequalities between men in this short life on earth. Before Christendom, men naturally accepted these inequalities as being part of life against which it was foolish to protest – the inequalities were simply there. Under Christendom mankind learned to be consoled for the inequalities, still there, by the supreme equality of eternity. But after Christendom, the Christian faith, Christ, heaven and eternity are all gone, so that the inequalities of this life, which have not gone away, are more keenly felt than ever.

For indeed the liberals who are doing their best to put an end to Christendom have nevertheless carried over from it a sense, for instance, of its supreme equality of all men, even if they have gotten rid of the God upon whom that equality was founded. Therefore an equality of eternity must now be jammed into seventy years and ten. Like trying to cram a quart of liquid into a pint jar. It will not go. Then they will force it to go. And here is why liberals are always fighting reality. They are post-Christians attempting to cram into one short life ideals of Christ which have dimensions of eternity. They miss Christianity but do not want Christ, so with might and main they strive to recreate Christianity without Christ, which is an enterprise doomed to failure. But will they return to Christ? Never! “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!”

Thus Christian liberty from sin, for Heaven, must be turned into liberty from any earthly oppression, real or imagined, liberty for Revolution: Christian equality before God, for eternity, must be turned into the levelling down of all real superiorities on earth, which will not go away, however hard the liberals try; and finally f raternity in Christ, the true brotherhood of all men as children of the one true God, must be replaced by the artificial association of all men in institutions like the United Nations, which can only fail.

In conclusion, the white race received from God special gifts, natural and supernatural, to bring Christ and His Church to all mankind. Whenever they did this, all mankind benefited and men made their way to Heaven all over the world, with no resentment and much gratitude towards the race which was opening their way to Heaven. But when this race ceased to serve that function, then the rest of mankind felt instinctively betrayed, and “racism” raged, as never before. Whites, if you do not like anti-white racism, then pick up the Rosary, 15 Mysteries a day.

Kyrie eleison.

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