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White Racism? – I

White Gentile males, the answer lies with you –
For all mankind, God gave you work to do!

The race of white men, as they are called, scattered all over the face of the earth but especially concentrated in Europe, is presently suffering contempt and persecution all over the face of the earth. And whose fault is that? It is primarily the fault of the whites, or Europeans, themselves.

“Racism” as it is called, or antagonism between the various human races, is certainly a human problem, arousing all kinds of human passions, and so like all truly human problems which are not just material or mechanical problems, it has necessarily a religious dimension. Today the very last direction in which men will turn to solve a human problem is towards God, and yet God will be the true solution. But since men will not turn to God, then the problems remain basically insoluble, and today’s world is in ever increasing chaos. Then how does turning towards God solve today’s problem of “racism”?

It is God and God alone who creates the soul of every single man that ever lived, and He creates them with a great variety, to make up what He means to be the symphony of mankind. Now individuals He creates with immensely differing natural gifts, as every parent must recognise when they observe how completely different are the gifts and temperament and character of their own children – no two are ever alike. And did the parents themselves create that variety? Obviously not. The only natural decision that the parents had was to have a child (to abort this or that child in the womb is a highly unnatural decision). God did the rest. Now the variety coming from God clearly includes inequality. For instance parents are bound to recognise the absolute inequality of gifts among their own children – some can be much more gifted than others. Parents may not have wanted this inequality, but could they have done anything about it? Obviously not. It is God who decides – naturally – even the sex of their children.

Nor is this inequality of gifts unjust, because the really privileged children are those who will get to Heaven by supernatural gifts, which require the child himself to cooperate with God’s grace, and that cooperation has nothing necessarily to do with natural gifts. Hell, somebody has said, is full of talents, whereas Heaven is full of virtues. Moreover a child’s gifts from God obviously correspond to whatever part God means him to play in the symphony of mankind. The child should do what is he gifted for.

Now as with individuals, so with families, towns, provinces, nations and races. Families are different from one another, and unequal. Towns, provinces, nations and races are all different and unequal, with in each case a varying mixture of nature by God and nurture by men. Insofar as they are developed by men, God’s intention in allowing for this nurture is that with their varying gifts, they should all exercise charity and look after one another. For example, let this town help its flooded neighbour, let this province provide the artists, let this nation lead the world, let this race serve the Church. Now is it not clear from many centuries of history that the white race has had, not exclusive, but special natural and supernatural gifts from God to serve Him, and to extend His Church all over the world? Nor is this unjust, because what use the whites make of these gifts depends upon themselves. They have free-will to use or misuse their gifts, but in any case they do have a mission from God. If they make the right use of these gifts, they will benefit the whole world. If they misuse these gifts, God will specially punish them.

And what use are the whites making today of their God-given gifts? For many hundreds of years have they not been slowly but steadily turning away from Him? And are they not now proud of their atheism? Is it then surprising if God makes use of all other races, nations, etc., to punish the whites by their being scorned and persecuted by the rest of mankind? In God’s view, have not apostate men betrayed the women they are meant to lead (to Heaven); have not apostate whites betrayed all other races; have not apostate Gentiles finally betrayed the Jews by Vatican II? Then who should still be surprised by the raging of “feminism,” “racism” and “anti-semitism”?

Kyrie eleison.

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