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Tag: Religion

Rector’s Letters – I

Where too many people split religion from today’s reality, “Letters from the Rector” are recommended for attempting to fit them together again.

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Unthinkable Reality

The divorce of Catholic Truth and Authority from one another is something unthinkable, yet the Vatican II churchmen made it a reality.

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Flat Objection

To deny liberty for the public practice of false religions makes no sense unless one knows which is the one true religion.

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Busted Compromising

In economics as in religion, compromises that have built up over centuries are finally breaking down. But the Church will survive.

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Thrift Matters

Overwhelming debt is at the heart of today’s financial crisis. Too many people and governments have been living beyond their means.

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Money-Men Supreme?

The natural order of religion, politics, economics and finance has today been reversed, yet the financiers are not, after all, in command.

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Truth Exclusive

To say that religion has one truth while common sense has another is either a supreme crime, a supreme loss, or both.

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Recent Comments

Motu Proprio – I

To a doubting French journalist the author of “Eleison Comments” expresses confidence that the imminent Motu Proprio will do much good.

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Motu Proprio – II

Indeed, it both declares that the Tridentine Mass was never banned, and permits Latin rite priests to use it, whenever and wherever.

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The Cinema

By overloading our eyes and ears, said Kafka, the cinema overwhelms our minds. Minds being overwhelmed means that lies triumph.

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“Pascendi” – I

In his outstanding Encyclical of 100 years ago, Pius X nailed the deadly error of modern times: minds’ independence from their object.

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