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Past Issues

Covid – Origins?

Great gifts they had, the Messiah to provide,
But brought a mighty curse upon their pride.

Madiran – 6 Propositions

“God, please move over. Kindly get out of the way.
We’ve had enough of You. You’ve had Your day!”

Vigano Answers

Thank God for Vigano’s clear and Catholic voice.
Each week his words could be these “Comments’” choice.

Madiran; the Heresy

No ocean storm could ever drown a cork,
Nor heresy smother Truth’s traditional talk.

Next Covid?

By His Truth, Jesus Christ made us all free.
Preferring lies, great prisons we shall see.

Madiran; the Bishops

True bishops are a gift of God alone.
If they’re not prayed for, all mankind will groan.

Fortunate Family

A family can survive, even today.
With God’s grace, “Where there’s a will, there is a way.”

Madiran’s Philosophy

As modern “art” cuts free from visible things,
So modern “thought” uniquely chaos brings.

Vocations Still?

The Pope, your Mother said, must consecrate
Russia. Dear God, let it be not too late!

Madiran’s Foreword

God is as good as lost for men of today?
But not for souls that love Him, suffer and pray.

Archbishop Tranferred

Thus followers great turn into buriers small –
Have mercy, God, we all of us can fall!

Madiran Introduced

Thinking today is thinking’s dissolution.
Madiran? Dissolution’s destitution!

Economic Reality

Men, framed within God’s Order, disobey?
Within the selfsame Order, they must pay.

Viganò to Be Diluted?

The Shepherds have from God free-will to fail?
Sheep then have Catholic sense still to prevail.

Money, Truth

However dark above our heads the sky,
Still higher above, God’s majesty does not die!

Rosary Blast

Our angry world is on destruction’s brink.
The Rosary is our lifebelt, not to sink.

Drexel’s Pope

The liberal Pope had claws of a hawk –
He thoroughly meant Lefebvre to squawk.

Drexel’s Bishops

Chrysostom said – he wanted souls to be saved –
“The floor of Hell with bishops’ skulls is paved.”

Drexel’s Crisis

The New World Order? Let it do its worst.
Catholics need but one thing – put God first.


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